In life we all need encouragement..but what happens when those around think your latest project or opportunity is a non-starter?

You can ask for opinions if you feel you really need them before taking the plunge, you may receive advice even when you haven’t asked for it…

But encouragement will be forthcoming from true friends who may know you best and understand your desire to branch out and try something new.

However, blind encouragement of course helps no one. And as a very wise lady once told me..’I can come with you to the dentist but it’s you that will sit in the chair and have your teeth drilled.’

Make your own decisions and listen carefully to your instinct…has it served you well in the past?  Then go for it.

Remember…if it seems too good to be true….this time it may be your time!


2 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Approach each project with love in your heart and treat everyone with dignity. Everyone needs encouragement. Treat each project as if it were your own and be gentle with the person who has originated it. They need to also see the respect given to them from the other side even if it is not the answer they want to hear. If that is the case, go away and refine it and come back and try again.

  2. Wise advice, just come from a meeting where we discussed these thoughts and giving people respect, gratitude and appreciation…..people are important.

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