Woman in Gold

Whether you are a Helen Mirren fan or not don’t miss her latest film. Based on a true story and an emotive account of one woman’s (Maria Altmann) journey to reclaim her family art created by Klimt stolen by the Nazis.

I saw her being interviewed recently and quoting from the film ‘You people think it’s all about the holocaust’  and of course for many it has to be – less we forget!

We are approaching anniversary date – 15th April 1945 liberation of Belsen to name but one example.

Of course prejudice and the theft of land and possessions continues today worldwide and apparently we have not progressed in terms of humanity, sad but true.


2 thoughts on “Woman in Gold

  1. Human cruelty knows no end. We must all strive to improve ourselves, remove hatred and ego from our hearts and spread love and light to all. Light will never be extinguished by darkness and evil. That is the hope we must cling to.

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