Kissing….it takes two!

I have had two conversations today wherein the subject of kissing came up! To my female readers some of you may be surprised to learn that there are still romantic men out there…….and ones that want and know how to kiss.

As I have said, kissing is similar to dancing, in that one needs a strong lead….but it is easier on the feet! I know a lot of my female colleagues have admitted it is indeed ‘in his kiss’ . Nothing better than kisses that make ones toes curl eh girls?.

Today it has been suggested I try a sponsored kiss and asked ‘is it kiss chase month?’  Both seem like jolly good ideas and I will keep the two gentlemen concerned posted!!!

Seriously, hugs and kisses are little ways to show we care, and of course depending which country you come from, the air/cheek kisses may be two, three or even more -whilst others just rub noses!

The Concise English states; Kiss: touch with the lips, sign of love, affection or reverence’..Kiss of life -mouth to mouth resuscitation, Kiss of peace -ceremonial during the Eucharist. Kiss the dust -submit abjectly; be overthrown.

Here’s hoping this post isn’t the ‘Kiss of death’ to my blog.


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