Being Grateful

It is no secret that showing our appreciation of what others do for us means a lot to those concerned, but saying thank you also makes us feel better too. Sophie Freeman, ‘Daily Mail had a great little article earlier this week which confirmed, that research had been conducted showing heart patients benefit from being grateful. Professor Paul Mills of a Californian University had carried out further tests including keeping gratitude diaries – I know most of my friends have read ‘The Secret’ which encourages this ethos.

It is well-known fact that being positive is good for our health and well-being and enables us to recover from trauma. When people are depressed they forget to feel grateful about all the good things in their life but opt for focusing on the negative aspects instead.

However, it is often those that have huge daily personal battles to endure and/or have disabilities or serious illnesses that seem to be more grateful for everyday simple things that most people take for granted.

As a wise woman once told me…’it doesn’t cost anything to say ‘thank you.’


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