Randomness – uses for a teabag

Shelford Chandler of Giant Steps has been an inspiration to his clients for many years and opened my eyes to the real meaning of collaboration and the value of applying curiosity. He has also highlighted the importance of randomness and imparts advice of this very subject on his own blog and within articles. As a writer and an observer of life I am always looking for new ways to look at life, work…and writing.

Indeed, I was teased about having a random blog about teacups only last week! I qualified my decision based on knowing a well respected journalist Deborah Durbin would quite likely write a whole article on the subject for one of the dailies. Lo and behold today her article ‘The Secret of shiny hair’s a nice cup of tea’  was featured within femail Magazine. Brilliant piece containing informative tips on the healing powers of tea including ‘freshen up your feet’ which I will be trying after next week’s charleston dance class.

Cheers Debs you always inspire me, have the answers and I for one will be holding onto my tea bags!


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