Cascading Reminiscent Bumps

How many of us have heard a piece of music or smelt a fragrance and been transported back in time to a memory? These are known as cascading reminiscent bumps or triggers.

The passage through grief is a difficult one; grief is not black and white and the stages overlap and entwine with one another. Elements of those phases will come back and haunt us on a regular basis and often when we least expect it.

When I ran a writers group many years ago and asked my writers to write about their senses for homework the results were amazing. Many chose to write about smells which reminded them of loved ones they had lost…myself included.

Often these ‘bumps’ return us to fond memories of childhood the halcyon days as do tastes. Only last night I tucked into a bag of Propercorn -sweet coconut and vanilla flavoured popcorn and was transported back to fond memories of being a child…home made coconut cake, smell of vanilla essence and popcorn! In those days we didn’t have the amazing varieties of flavours or Belgium chocolate covered popcorn either! …But it still tasted good.

* Above includes exerts from recent book and articles.


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