Time to embrace change

In my other life as a quality consultant I have seen how people are scared and fight against change, concerned about how it will affect them and often approach it with scepticism and fear.

I have witnessed how staff have reacted when companies have been bought out; their job prospects, pay structure and working conditions are both improved and safer ….yet they have still acted hostile.

Is it fear of the unknown or is it some of us just don’t like change to our routine? Life evolves naturally and opportunities come along – how we embrace them may change our lives beyond recognition but perhaps that was meant to be.

My Mother used to frequently say ‘change is as good as a rest’ and I see that now in doing something different it can rejuvenate us even if that change is outside our comfort zone.

Nothing ventured nothing gained – another pearl of wisdom.

Today’s tip: Take a chance on life if it is willing to gamble on you.


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