The right move…avoiding procrastinating

How many of us have stayed in a job or a relationship far longer than was better for us? Most of us would have given things ‘our best shot’ more than once and so often it is not until we have left the job or relationship that we fully realise how we were being held back emotionally and/or creatively.

I was discussing this earlier today with a close friend and we agreed that being the other side, with freedom to think and consider new challenges is a great feeling. What some would see as a risk – for the more daring is just taking life firmly by the hand and enjoying the next adventure that life has mapped out for us.

We all get trapped in trying to please those around us, with good intentions and a sense of loyalty but now and then, thinking on your feet and admitting what your own needs truly represent and what your next goal maybe is invigorating. Mysteriously, (so it seems to others) is just how easily these can be achieved when we set our minds to it.

Listen to our hearts and listen to what we might say out loud – without knowing a good friend is listening and able to repeat  back to you that you have just said ‘yes, I am going to do this…..’

So at midday today a challenging decision is nearer to becoming a reality!


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