New project…kissing…love on paper

With the right encouragement I am taking a short breather from my emotive projects and focusing on kissing….writing of. ‘Love on Paper’ as my mother, mentor and best friend used to call romantic writings.

How I wish I could have read the letters between her and dad during World War II , she once revealed most of their courtship was, like many through their letters. With Patience Strong being mum’s favourite  poet I read one of her poems at her funeral and included it within ‘Beyond the Double Rainbow’ – Patience’s Agent told me:many a fallen soldier carried cuttings of her verses in their pocket books’.

When you think about it as writers that is exactly what we do court our readers and make friends through our work. I think my mantra for today will be spread love and kindness through what we do if that’s writing so be it.

Find the thickest butter knife and apply now.


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