The giggle factor

Life at times can be very difficult and some days there appears that there is nothing to laugh about. I guess I am quite lucky as I am able to laugh at myself and that in turn cheers people up.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of hearing a good friend chuckle down the phone or even make monkey like noises as they try to stifle the start of what you know is a belly laugh waiting to escape.

My first meeting of the day was with my Accountant who always makes me laugh -mainly as this is also my older brother and he has the job of ensuring I don’t do any daft…or too daft!

My second was with a wonderful man who will know who he is when reading this blog. He is one of the beautiful people that now and then one is fortunate enough to meet and restores one’s faith in mankind…literally.  He is also a monkey impersonator who makes me giggle.

As my mentor used to say laughing is as good as a tonic, true friends can make you laugh and are happy to let you cry, and can equally make you cry with laughter.

Off to the dentist for some laughing gas.


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