Trip to the dentist  went well, no treatment but confessed to having sensitive teeth, so was handed a handbag size of toothpaste especially for sensitive teeth…’is this a sign of getting old ?‘ I asked. A wide grin showing gleaming white perfect teeth was the only response!

The English language is so funny at times especially for those that  adopt it as their second language. Writers however, have great fun in playing on words, it’s part of my quirky sense of humour and gets my agent laughing…at least…having sensitive teeth does that mean best not to be rude to them but treat them well?

We both decided today that these quips are sometimes really useful and I should perhaps seek employment as Title woman…as I so often joke ‘that would be a good title for a book.’

Meanwhile finding a title for next my project ‘Kissing’ is proving more difficult, but the research is so much fun. Found out today that; ‘kissing actually helps reduce oral plaque as it produces saliva –my dentist recommends it. lol’ 


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