Election Madness

There is no escaping from it, and a fellow brave woman campaigning this year reminded me of the fun I had running in a local election.Talking at times through letterbox…lamb to a slaughter and even chased by a dog!

All joking aside it saddened me then, as it does now just how many young people were abstaining from voting, and as my own daughter has the joy of casting her first vote this year – I have no idea what advice to give her it has become a fiasco for sure.

Knowing I have always been active politically I believe she values my opinion but this time I am at a loss, they all promise, some even plan to deliver….but!

What amused, if not at times infuriated me during my experience was just how many people will confuse national and local politics and just vote blue/red/yellow or any other team because it’s what they always do.

Whereas, locally please, please, please vote for the candidate that will really work for the good of your community rather than take credit for what others do and love a photo opportunity…yes we all know who they are.

Misspent youth I voted conservative, moved to lib dems, now locally I chose to place my time with the independent team as they have no hidden agenda or party line to tow but just get on with it. If I am honest the older I get I think I belong to the Raving Looney Party!



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