Telephone Scamming

We all are so tired of being the subject of telephone scams and the attitude of the individuals making these calls really does take the biscuit.

Short while ago I had a series of calls, same guy day after day -didn’t get much time/change from me..finally I said ‘these calls are being recorded by the Police’ to which he replied ‘your Police do nothing’. Worrying!

A good friend of mine received one at her place of business; the caller pretended to be bailiffs and was coming to collect goods to the value of. Fortunately she did not fall for this but found it upsetting as they were very convincing. She reported this to the Police who said they had been targeting businesses in the area -a similar scam was reported in last weeks ‘Daily Mail’ wherein sadly one woman did fall victim and parted with money.

Most of us know to put the phone down but it does concern me that vulnerable people, especially the elderly can fall into the trap of parting with cash and/or giving over bank details. I know that many do much to their families surprise, but as I said these tricksters are very convincing and persistent. We have to keep reminding the elderly not to be taken in.

What a shame that people are no longer safe in their own homes. 


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