Become an organ donor

Today the newspapers, and TV, indeed all forms of media are full of the amazing story of the youngest recorded organ donor. The parents of baby Teddy the twin of brother Noah who has now made such an impact and positive response to encouraging others to become donors must be so proud.

As one TV doctor remarked how if you would like to think you would receive a donor if you needed one, then you should be registered as a donor.

It can be a daunting decision for loved ones/ parents to make this decision at what is quite likely to be one of the most devastating times in their life, but if the family member/spouse has a donor card it can make it easier and make a difference to many lives.

My next of kin is fully aware that I have a card not just for organs but for tissue too. I am active in helping my London hospital with research and writing about encouraging others to do the same – I will write about that in another blog.

If you do one thing to day, and are not on the register, please give it some thought and do so now.


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