Best intentions -supporting teenagers

As somebody once said ‘the grave yards are full of people that were well meaning’. In life we so often come across people who have their own agenda, which they no doubt genuinely believe is for the greater good.

However, often they are so blinkered or on a mission that they ignore constructive advice and misread the signs that may actually help them achieve their goal but in a much better way for all concerned.

They sadly choose to proceed like a bull in a china shop and remain amazed when they are presented with the bill for broken plates and thrown out of the shop.

Often the bullish approach can bring success but when the well-being of others is at stake they play a dangerous game of Russian roulette, especially if  the people concerned are young students pre-exams. Students need as much support as is available at what is such an important stage of their schooling, and this support must be as a collective approach with everybody working together.

I recently encountered such a creature and made great use of all my counselling and people skills and remained calm, but as we all know unless complaints are followed through situations will remain the same and mistakes repeated.

This week I have had several conversations with people that work within education with children who are at the mercy of teachers who maybe need their soft skills enhanced before applying within school.

Though in balance my own experience with local schools has been extremely positive with majority of teachers not only being brilliant at their chosen subject but who go the extra mile and some for their students and communicate well with parents too.

I will always stick up for the vulnerable it’s what I do…and yes Mother was right my principles will quite likely be the death of me!  Maybe that should be principals!

It’s not a case of trying to make people change who they are, but change the way they view the opinions and sensitivities of others. Listening is a good starting point and maybe they could try that or seek direction from those that are getting it right and are actually in charge of the ship. Thank god for great headteachers!

Midweek rant over…


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