Bluebell woods -magic exists

No matter how old you are nothing matches a walk in the woods when the bluebells are out. As soon as you step into the purple carpet you start to realise that elves, goblins, fairies and pixies really do exist and anything is possible. Just as we once believed as children.

Seriously, getting out into nature’s wonderland is a great way to recharge the batteries and have time to enjoy splendour what may just take a short car journey to reach.

Bonus for me was to catch up with a lovely friend; receive some tips for preparing my daughter for university, munch our way through naughty cakes and then walk back to the car to work off the calories.

I needed a long overdue break away from the screen and returned all the better for it. Now to decide what needs my best creative attention and add some magic dust that I had collected .


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