Grumpy Old Women Live

I saw Kate Robbins, Jenny Eclair and Susie Blake at St Albans arena last night in their last night of the Grumpy Old Women tour. They were brilliant, – a very funny mix of a summary of myself, my friends and female family members.

Not sure about the over fifty crowd, it should just be women -are we really grumpy or just being truthful, funny and free to express ourselves? I remember being in my mid twenties and being told I was ‘too honest’ by my the boyfriend of that time. And.. that I was getting ‘far too many ideas from Cosmo magazine.’

The energy that was on that stage was not only great to see it was infectious, they really work hard to give the audience a good fun evening of entertainment. Just what we all need more laughter…I have been laughing at myself for years it does help.

It was a great evening to round off a good girly day, early dinner with a good pal/fellow grumpy old woman…you know who you are.(Nonny Mouse)


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