The C Word -Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith has done it again! She has given an amazing performance in the brilliant BBC drama ‘The C Word’ of the touching but encouraging story of Lisa Lynch who helped so many people in writing her blog and being honest about how she felt.

During the one off drama whilst Lisa is having a session with her counsellor she honestly refers to being British and how we don’t talk about dying. A long time frustration of my own and something I have tried to fight all my life in small ways; in trying to be a better friend/family member that will discuss the C Word and dying and in my own writing projects.

It has also encouraged me to help hospital support groups by discussing and writing about experiences -the thing about being ill or dying is that one feels alone but when somebody is brave enough to share we realise that we are not alone and that not only helps us make sense of it all but be positive about each day and what it may have to offer.

What a great legacy Lisa has left her family must be so proud. She has helped so many people and the irony that her counsellor offered her a copy of her own book spoke volumes.


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