Eudaimonia -being your best self


I know a lot of people that will admit to being a glass half empty person and have no intentions of changing that status. For those of us that are optimists and run their lives from a positive position we find this a strange concept.

I read with interest this weekend that optimism can be hereditary and the rest we can opt to be and/or learn which affirms to me to a certain degree we do still have a choice.

Life is indeed short and we don’t know what is round the next corner or what life holds in store, but by adopting a positive attitude it will give us a better chance of coping with the negative aspects.

As Aristotle said: True happiness was not feeling good but eudaimonia’

With ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘daimon’ meaning spirit.

He also had the same mantra as my amazing Mother ‘be true to oneself’ which is indeed the road to wellness and an excellent point to start the week on.

Recommended reading ‘The Glass half full’  by Suzanne.C.Segerstrom




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