The life map

My Mother often said one’s life is mapped out for us from the start. I often wonder just how true this is as we go through life bumping into people along the way that help shape us as individuals and have huge impact on our life and choices.

Fate steps in and offers us an opportunity to meet somebody and we are not quite sure why until much later on. We make a decision to be somewhere on a certain day which is our choice but the people we meet at that place on that day also made that choice…but why?

Over the years in business I have met some amazing and interesting people, who disappear then re-enter my life and suddenly become a driving force.

Everything happens for a reason it’s just a case of being the right reason for you.

Life is short so what is the answer? To grasp each opportunity as it presents itself and the reason may become very clear and sooner perhaps than you expect.


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