Exam results…second options…great opportunities

To all those students who may have been disappointed at not getting their preferred option(s) and may have even had to go through the clearing process… This year it seems many of your associates have found themselves in the same position.

It might just be that  not getting your first option may in fact present you with a better opportunity. No kidding!! Yeah!

You will be looking at an alternative with a fresh pair of eyes and realise that what you are now considering is actually a much better fit.

Stay positive, continue to follow your dreams albeit maybe from a slightly different perspective on a different course but you will achieve them.

As my last blog stated life moves in mysterious ways and fate plays a hand in placing you somewhere else and that ‘somewhere’ is just perhaps where you were meant to be. Bet parents have been spouting ‘one door closes another opens’ but there is more truth in these clichés than you think.

Good luck to you as you start on life’s adventure through the university and college years where you will meet new people, work towards your goals and finally appreciate your parents. Yeah right!!


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