Hartpury University/College (University of West England)

We visited the Hartpury Gloucestershire specialist and stunning rural campus at the weekend and enjoyed the amazing grounds. There was an international horse jumping event taking place and whilst the students were of course absence the atmosphere was great. The hospitality and engagement of staff was second to none.

Having already been so impressed with every staff member we encountered last week during telephone discussions…face to face the continuity of professionalism and enthusiasm was really impressive.

The balance of equine, sport, animal and land based opportunities are truly brilliant with fascinating courses that are inspirational to say the least.  The variation on the BSc (Hons) Bioveterinary Science course will certainly meet the student’s love of animals and open up many additional options within the research and science based sectors.

I am so thrilled my daughter received an offer to attend this vibrant, supportive and exciting campus. Good luck to all the freshers starting September 2015.

How great for those students taking animal related courses to have meerkats as classmates!!



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