Bargains for kitting out student flats

Fellow parents, the list of things to buy just grows daily and the past few days I’ve been carefully exploring what’s out there…aside of the obvious trip to Ikea where quilt covers for as low as £3.00 exist!

First off, ensure you make use of the NUS discounts, i.e. Matalan has got some pretty good colour ranges of bed linen, throws cushions etc., and the kitchen utensils priced 2 for £3.00 so we mums can afford to hang onto our own cork scres and tin openers without breaking the bank. (Dare I quote a friend their style seems to reflect a more affordable NEXT style!)

BHS are offering discounts to students too, and on the NUS website today I noticed Argos have some brilliant offers including; computer, printer bundles and very reasonably priced kitchen electrical equipment, such as kettles and the all faithful sarnie maker for £5!! I even spotted a plug in steamer for £17.50 which may be a godsend when sharing the flat stove! – The best thing about Argos is there is one in every town, so one can order online and collect locally and save that space in the car for the essentials…favourite teddy bear and hair straighteners!!

Happy shopping.


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