Time management …NLP

Continuing through my fab NLP course, my current lesson is on time management and ironically my time normally set aside for home studying has been short in supply! My blog has also been neglected..just not good enough!

Couldn’t make this one up…however, back on track and in answering the assignment questions I am reminded how effective we can all be when we set our mind…and indeed our heart on achieving our personal and professional goals.

I was even comforted by the fact that material within the course echoes how I feel about wasting time too. The old cliche ‘want something doing then ask a busy person!’ I never lose my appetite for living, learning and squeezing something extra into every day.

Being grateful and acknowledging what we have achieved instead of moaning and fretting about the things on today’s list that didn’t get done. There is always tomorrow, so come back refreshed and carry on the good work.


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