Maintenance Grants -support NUS Lobbying against cuts

To all fellow students, please help your Student Union in their efforts to lobby against the government’s cuts on maintenance grants. Log on and have your say in their petition (link contained in this week’s NUS email alert)

Young people are the country’s future…an obvious statement but the younger generation are so often  missed off the agenda of those who are sadly placed in power and making decisions which will affect your choices and opportunities.

There are other areas of financial wastage that they could turn their attention to rather than hamper opportunities for students with parents on lower incomes. People find themselves in life, at times, on lower income for many reasons and these grants are to ensure that their children do not miss out on opportunities they deserve and for which they have worked and studied hard for to secure places at our UK universities.

The government continue to invest in and support overseas problems and forget that ‘charity begins at home…first’.

Please ensure you make your voice heard by filling in the NUS petition asap before the 18th September.

Annie -Mature Student


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