Happy Friday fellow bloggers and followers.  I am working on my NLP Life Coaching course.  My assignment this week is relationships.. the mystery of men and women and what makes them tick! I guess along the way in life I have learned that none of us are perfect and can be both irritating and compassionate in equal measures.

Seriously, my closing comments to my tutors today were:-

‘In life we should all be able to grow as individuals with the ultimate goal to be the best self we can be.   Life as some say is made in the mistakes.

My birth sign being Libran so I try to apply the balance of reasoning ; quote from ‘Love Signs’ book.

‘Libra I balance to teach that love is beauty and learn that love is harmony, Knowledge, I see to teach that love is honesty and learn that love is loyalty.’

Remember: we fall in love ..eyes, mind then the heart!’©

Happy weekend…and for those in a relationship…play nicely!


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