The price of everything and the value of nothing

A wise man once quoted this to me about the attitude of teenagers and I guess to a certain extent this is true but as parents aren’t we partly to blame for this?

As our children fly the nest and venture off to university life they have to learn to cope with all that entails…not least of all budgeting and cooking. I believe it was called growing up in my day hey ho. However, they fair much better than we fear over it.

My own daughter is regularly sending me photos of interesting meals she has cooked and they are healthy too. Had a few chuckles along the way, when she thought this month’s budget had to last her until Christmas…not listening!

Last night she revealed the Argos voucher I had left for the extra kitchen bits and bobs had been spent well on an amazing make-up container! That’s my I say it’s me or the house that has to look good…not both!

I love parenting it brings such amusement and joy..don’t you think? Comments appreciated on that one!


2 thoughts on “The price of everything and the value of nothing

  1. I love that quote! It says so much about life in general through many eras but I feel like there is a trend towards valuing the people and environment around us more than the things now, unless you are a teenager of course! So good to know that the Argos voucher was put to good use and that you can giggle through it knowing you have a beautiful daughter who will make her own choices.

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