Madly in love..chemistry lessons

Isn’t it funny how we buy some books and immediately read them cover to cover…it isn’t always a case of we do not like the book itself it may be a case of where we are in our life and whether or not the book’s contents resonates.

Sometime ago I bought  ‘Love Sick’ by DR Frank Tallis and never got around to finishing it. This week I decided to revisit and found some brilliant quotes to share with those of you in love or maybe just think you are!

‘Love is a close relation to mental illness”

‘Difficult to love without becoming divorced from reality…’

Great quote from Harry Harlow;

‘So far as love or affection is concerned, psychologists have failed in their mission. The little we know about love does not transcend simple observation, and the little we write about it has been written better by poets and novelists.’

That was written in 1958, the year I was born and well done for acknowledging the talent of writers eh? However, I wonder what my psychologist tutor pal would now respond to that..have we moved on?

Let’s face’s all chemistry and sometimes it’s instant and sometimes it’s a slow burn..remember ladies we don’t have to blow up the whole science laboratory to have excitement.

In support of the great romantic novelists, and, to quote from the best mentor my Mum (who used to read romantic novels):-

‘Can’t beat a bit of love on paper.’

Who also admitted most of the courtship her and my Father did was through letter writing during World War II…ahh.


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