Walk of gratitude

Linda Gray (Dallas fame) was talking about how she walks every day a walk of gratitude. Being grateful is something we too easily forget to feel as grown ups.

However, my fab friend and journalist Debs Durbin and I always joke how if one wakes up that’s a bonus, breathing normally, another bonus and if we get downstairs without falling down and breaking anything…yes you’ve guessed it yet another bonus.

So be grateful for the simple things it helps to keep the rest in perspective and of course a good s.o.h is imperative. After all a laugh is as good as a tonic as my dear old mum used to say on a regular basis and there’s nothing better than a giggle or two with a girly friend.

I am eternally grateful for my superb group of female friends and a special thank you to Debs Smith for as always making me chuckle today..love ya babes.


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