Birthdays V. eyebrow trouble

Age is just a number and I have said for many years I am a recycled teenager! You are as young as you feel. Learning new things keeps me young in spirit and eventually I want to be known as that really old eccentric biddy with fifty cats!

Always been young at heart and a victim of fashion…and now…my daughter has given me a lesson in what to do with my eyebrows the world is my oyster! No kidding, those little white eyebrows that have sneaked in are now well hidden.So instead of recommending a deep and meaningful book to read today  I am recommending Boots, Seventeen range ‘Brow’s that’ brow kit to create fabulous eyebrows.

If your daughter is stealing your handbags, perfume and  the odd bit of clothing you must still be reasonably trendy. Alas I am no longer a size 8 so her clothes are safe!

As my male psyche is well developed I try to do the man thing and keep the child within me alive and can be equally sensible and crazy. I am reminded today of how my fab and beautiful friend Caroline and I had trolley races in Waitrose in a silly moment just because we could.

Note to children Mums have fun too, it’s only children that make us grumpy honest!

Happy birthday to anyone out there reading my blog, my celebrations started last week and will carry on for a further week at least.

Live, laugh and love it’s later than you think.


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