Catch up – 16 and over?

Morning fellow bloggers and followers,

Have you noticed on catch up tv before being able to access certain drama productions we are asked:-

‘Are you 16 and over?’ 

As another birthday has passed I know the answer ‘yes I am over’. My life however is not.

I consider myself extremely lucky that lot of my own positiveness came from my beautiful mentor and mother. As a child aside of her wonderful teachings I have fond memories of her being in the kitchen cooking or maybe when ironing singing along to some of the musical greats.

We shared so much not least of all a love of Frank Sinatra and this morning I remembered the words so clearly to ‘You make me feel so young’  and ‘Young at heart’ and how they ring true.

‘Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart’

Young of heart being the secret to staying happy and young for sure, which resonates with me. Sadly the body is not so young and I pray that my heart and mind doesn’t ‘play catch up with this older version ever!!’

As I write my blog this morning and listen to Frank and remember the amazing woman no longer here but still with us, I find it hard to believe fourteen years have passed since Dorothy (our mum) died. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t recall something wise she tried to instill in us.

Ending on a positive note every time I see one of my nieces or nephews and indeed my own daughter I think how proud she would be of them all and the amazing young men and woman they have all become…under her watchful eye.

What a woman.


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