Grief demands an answer

I have heard and read many similar statements about the still for some somewhat taboo subject of bereavement.

As with many issues that we find difficult to overcome we under estimate how grief affects men. Men in general dare I say do not always have the benefit of being able to share and discuss matters of the heart or areas of their life that can well be causing them to feel depressed.

We must also remember this is the same with young men who may all not have the benefit of supportive parents, or ones that they feel comfortable discussing what troubles them.

At a meeting earlier today a colleague and I were discussing how teenage boys when asked are quite likely to say ‘I’m fine..don’t fuss’.

Keep an eye on all those that are bereft it is often more of a case of what they are not saying but are feeling, hiding and sadly possibly suffering in silence.

Grief does demand  an answer ..but if we forget to open up the line of communication we may not get the opportunity to help somebody who is struggling to make sense of their loss.

The talking cure.


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