My body is a temple in need of restoration

Regular followers will know me for being a great ambassador of all things holistic, like yoga and mindfulness. As well as looking after our well being ladies, we must look after our body too specifically our skin. Especially menopausal madams eh?

I have really looked after my facial skin since a teenager and proud to say I don’t look my age. Partly due to my good genes and latter years the daily care has included eye cream and serum products too.

As busy women we perhaps don’t spend enough time on us and the body may only occasionally get treated to some lotion and maybe when it is on show or in the summer.

For girls of a certain age that have noticed that their skin has become dryer I have discovered the perfect product. Garnier Oil beauty, oil-infused restoring lotion and it really does hydrate the skin leaving it feeling replenished. Added bonus being it does not leave the skin feeling greasy so for busy girls on the run clothes can go on straight away.

I now have my family and friends using it too and should be on commission… Mr Garnier are you listening?

We all spend so much time tending the needs of others but we are important too! So this weekend relax, read a book, pamper that skin…a glass of Presecco is of course optional but highly recommended!

Remember body lotion is for life not just holidays.


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