Wonderful surprise

Thank you to those family members and friends who helped make a surprise trip home possible for my daughter and kept the secret from me and for her Dad for paying the fares home. First time ever I was seen to be lost for words.

In just a month I was amazed how grown up she had become. So to all those parents worrying about their children settling in the first few months try not to worry they really are more capable than we realise.

We had a lovely time catching up, retail therapy and lunch out. I now have some great tips for hangovers (drink coconut water before drinking) and where to buy the cheapest soft toilet paper and porridge (the pound shop)!

We now both feel better after a few huggles (cuddles and hugs). I know my daughter reads my blog so thank you darling for taking the train adventure to see your mum!

Maisey our cat could hardly contain her excitement, pussy footing, purring and dribbling…who needs a dog?


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