Mature students

I have loved being a mature student and have also been helping fellow distant learners/students with encouragement and offering my writing, editing and proofreading skills. I highly recommend having a study buddy as it is indeed lonely out on the studying shelf!

If you feel you would benefit from my help please contact me via the usual media sources or my website to discuss your requirements.

I also recognised the value of seeking  assistance myself leading up to exam time and employed the services of Lorna Chiverton Hunt at  Lorna helped me focus my own energies and to believe a distinction was indeed worth aiming for and achieving. She was right of course!

It is never too late to learn new skills or take up a subject for self-development. I have found studying various counselling techniques have helped me in many areas of my personal and professional life. Huge thank you to my various tutors at the BSY Group for their support over the past two years.

I have read some amazing books which inspire and expand one’s knowledge and challenge our beliefs and improve our attitudes.


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