Breast Cancer Awareness

As with any illness and indeed charities awareness is as important as the fundraising to fund treatment and research.

Having lost my own Gran and a wonderful Aunt, and had one or two scares myself I know how vital it is to know our own bodies and not to delay getting things checked out.

However, as I like to remind my female friends who live in fear of breast cancer, (especially when they have found something) that we are indeed more likely to have a stroke than have breast cancer according to some statistics. If problems are detected early there are positive outcomes and not all lumps are cancerous.

The best we can do is keep healthy, examine our breasts regularly and not miss any check-up appointments. If invited for a mammogram make sure you attend.

There are so many retailers supporting breast awareness so treat yourself to a tee shirt or something in support.

I will always do my bit to support awareness and let’s face it ladies information is indeed power.


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