The role of a Mother

The role of a Mother, as female head of the worrying department is just that to worry…this may be translated by your children into the horrible word ‘nagging’.

To all those fellow mums with children at university or maybe working abroad, they have to go much further than they have to avoid, our love, caring and yes, probably nagging.

As a wise woman (my mum) once advised:-

Being a mother is a most rewarding job you will ever do, and one which you cannot give your notice in and/or leave.’

Additionally, it is long hours, without pay and at times little gratitude but we do it as part of the unconditional love contract we entered into the day our children came crying into this world. But golly it brings joy and rewards that cannot be measured!

My best project ever and to quote something I saw on facebook recently:-

‘ A worried mother does better research than the FBI’

Aint it the truth?

As I celebrate with my daughter the new challenges she embraces I have reminded her today to balance that enthusiasm to try new things with an element of caution. To me she is still that eleven year old, year seven, boarding the school bus for the first time…I rest my case and stand accused of caring!!

Thanks to one of my followers for inspiring me to write this piece today. She may be reading this in the morning with a hangover!

My publication ‘A Mother’s Love‘ hopefully will be published early next year in time for Mother’s Day.


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