The Child Bereavement Trust

Thankfully charities like The Child Bereavement Trust exist to help children coping with bereavement. As Prince William said during his recent speech at their event for children experiencing bereavement ‘It is the darkest moments of their life’.

Having lost his own Mother he can show genuine empathy with the children and support the charity. We all know we can learn  empathy but when you have experienced something yourself you can speak from the heart.

I lost my own Father just aged seven and this loss and observing how death is still the last taboo for some inspired me to gain counselling qualifications and write and research books on the subject of bereavement. Sadly as a child in the 1960’s charities like The Child Bereavement didn’t exist.

Don’t ignore anybody who has been recently bereaved make time to talk to them. I remember my Mother saying how people crossed the road to avoid talking to her when my Father  died…very sad.


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