Funny crime..phantom hairdresser

Isn’t it funny how we can reflect back on a situation which at the time seemed oh so serious but now is highly amusing.

I laughed until I cried last night when reminded about an incident concerning a guinea pig’s mystery haircut. When my daughter was about eight we had two amazing guinea pigs and a rather excitable young male rabbit. We returned home one day to find our guinea pig’s beautiful rosette hairdo had been hacked. A friend who happens to be a hairdresser convinced us it had definitely been cut with scissors.

Understandably we were upset to think somebody had broken into the garden and done this to our beloved pet. We mentioned it to our local Community Police Officers -who at the time must have thought I was quite mad but made polite noises… they see and hear far worse!

The phantom hairdresser turned out to be the randy young rabbit with very sharp teeth who was subsequently moved out of bunny towers to live a more sedate and less sexually active life away from the frightened piggies.

Said Police Officer is now retired and a good friend despite of my apparent quirkiness.

The morale of this story is; things are never quite as they seem and best tip is to keep young frisky bunnies away from your piggies.


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