Votes for women

Over the years I have dabbled a bit in local politics and been proactive in helping in my own community. One of the things which has always angered me is when women cannot be bothered to vote, I guess I have hidden my anger by jokingly encourage voting reminding said women of the great efforts women went to enable us that right.

So for all those women (you know who you are) I suggest you get yourself along to the cinema and see the brilliant film ‘Suffragette’…maybe seeing the extremes those women went to visually will remind you next time to find time to vote. Not only do you owe it to them, but to yourself and your daughters.

Whilst ranting, my other beef is of course when people seem unable to differentiate between local and national politics. Locally please vote for the person who will genuinely work for your community not be led, or often misled by the colour of the rosette!

Come on followers it is Monday even a positive writer/blogger has grumble times.


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