Political animals

hen night! 15-06-08_1722 - Copy

Just to add a s.o.h to life in politics. Some years ago I had arranged a meeting with a local councillor. When he arrived he was met with me rushing out the front door with cat basket in hand. Why I hear you ask??

One of my chickens had escaped over the back fence and we had to drive around the other side of my estate to recapture Dolly. Fortunately my garden backs onto a small right of way alley and we managed to block off both exits. We had great fun trying to coax  my girl into the basket, but we did eventually. My friend and local councillor then joked the things he had to do to help his community! A day in the life of…

Picture above features Dolly and Daisy giving a whole new meaning to the word  ‘hen party’.


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