Managing stress..fab driving instructor

Nearing the completing of my NLP course and my last assignment was on stress management and how some people are naturally calm and this rubs off on those around them. I was able to give a positive example by discussing my driving tuition experience with local Driving and Karate Instructor Nigel Smart.

Nigel is an extremely calm individual, very patient has a fab karma and is definitely a type B person.  Whilst he takes his work very seriously he is in full control, so does not get stressed about his work. I know he takes great pride in what he does using emotional intelligence alongside skillful, safe and careful driving to enable his pupils to achieve a pass. Indeed he gets us to chant a positive mantra about our driving and passing the tests -none of this has been wasted on me.

I suspect the karate is a positive contributing factor to his personal harmony, bringing an excellent balance and providing regular exercise in comparison to the driving/sitting role. This is clearly an individual that has worked out the secret to success, enjoying what he does and leads a far happier life than a lot of people I encounter. I have really enjoyed my time driving under his tuition and cannot recommend his driving tuition enough… whatever your age is. Actually I feel his approach is more akin to coaching and gets my vote.

Annie Manning MASC (CBT)


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