De-cluttering and cleaning

Lordy, lordy I have got to the part in my NLP course which deals with de-cluttering. Those that know me recognise I do like to collect books, photographs and stuff!! Mixed  comments of ‘shall I get you a skip and help you sort it’ to ‘I love your house it’s so homely’ are frequently expressed by friends and family visitors.

However, in my own defence it is organised chaos and of course the fact we have outgrown our wee house adds to my own home’s fullness.  I love it, confess to ignoring some of the files due to expanding working space which should maybe be moved out of the lounge. Dare I really put anything else in that loft?

I think somebody is trying to send me a message…the plumber arrived to sort out my rads. I had to take all the books off a book case so he could get to a rad (not in use). I am surrounded by piles of books as I write my blog today..and yes… guess what? Just found a book on feng shui for the home.

Do you know that dust has its own chi energy which is why cleaning regularly is essential to our spiritual self and it not only burns a few calories it revitalizes the chi energy.

So I am going to make my research/homework an assignment for me to have a surge.  Off to dust the hoover and have a dance around…don’t forget those corners Ms m!!


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