Chestnut week

Hello to all those conker lovers out there. I have just come across one of my collectors books, undated probably 1950’s or 60’s ‘Things to make and do the whole year through’. Some truly crazy suggestions in this book albeit echoing back to a more romantic time of being a child.

Out of curiosity I thought I would look at this month, and for this week it is chestnut week with some amazing suggestions what to do with your conkers!! Seriously, make conker men using matchsticks for arms and legs!! It reminded me of watching my brothers playing conkers prior to the fun police and health and safety gone mad..I believe this is banned now in schools?

I am tempted to abandon the NLP course and take a year out and work my way through this book!

Just kidding! Next week its how to make a wool ball…a pompom I believe it was called in my day. Where’s my bag of wool?!!!


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