life is precious

Wise words from my beautiful mentor and Mother were never in short supply. One message  I recall is ‘the time to be good to be people is when they are here’.  So true, it’s too late after they are no longer here to love or give a helping hand to.

In life we meet people along the way and try to believe the best of them and they will quite likely disappoint at some stage. The ace card has got to be forgive and try to support them. Of course some are a lost cause and to sever ties is the best option. Whereas, others we can give as much time as they need willingly because we care about them and love them.

Things happen in life to remind us what is important – people are and not our belongings. So look after your treasured possession which may in fact be your child. Remember to tell them you love them as much as you can even when they have made you angry and possibly disappointed you. They are still learning to be the best they can be and as parents we just do the best we can in order to support them in their development and we too are learning along the way.

When things go pear shaped apportioning blame helps nobody but looking for solutions to help improve our situation not only gives us focus but enables us to move forward. Seeking professional help when necessary is the best advice and even counsellors need, and, are supposed to have counselling…and they are trained and have all the answers!

Love and forgiveness are the order of the day and of course listening.


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