Black Cat Awareness Day

I promised the Cats Protection League I would support today. For some strange reason black cats are often left at re-homing centres and I have no idea why??? Is it misplaced superstition or that some people think tabbies are nicer cats perhaps? However, it’s no joking matter beautiful black cats are in need of a loving home at a centre near you.

We homed a beautiful part siamese black cat that had been found abandoned and taken to our local vets I believe by the CPL or RSPCA. Maisy is a real sweetie and we have had her for some five years now and she grows more affectionate and chattier every year.

So if you are off to adopt a cat from one of the above charities or The Blue Cross, please don’t walk past a black cat, make friends and give her or him a chance of a good home…it may be the best decision you make today.


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