Male suicide

Professor Green’s programme last night ‘Suicide and me’ was brilliant. I am certain the honesty that he portrayed of his own journey and experience of his Father’s suicide will help others coming to terms with their loss.

Whilst the programme was very personal to him he also included valuable statistics which I have no doubt will have come as a great shock to many;  Suicide is indeed the biggest killer to men under 45, and with over 6,000  suicides in the UK and 80% being male.

He revealed circumstances within his own Father’s life prior to his death; including the suicide of a sibling and further bereavement could have quite likely been a large contributing factor to his vulnerability which is so often the case. Whilst on the surface suicides appear to be coping, they are often suppressing their emotions and not discussing their feelings a trait not uncommon in men.

He also touched on how suicide is still viewed as a taboo subject making it even harder for those left behind. Anything that any of us can do to re-adjust the balance is a positive move.

All credit to Professor Green for the publicity and awareness that he has created in producing his story.


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