Moment of crisis…re-evaluation

How often do we hear friends and family talk about the moment at which they decide to re-evaluate their lives? More often than not it may be after recovering from serious illness or the loss of a family member or somebody close.

Whenever it happens, the crisis may give us a clearer understanding of what and who matter in our lives. The time of reflection may make us suddenly aware of the simple things around us that in our search for success and living the dream we may have taken for granted.

At last week’s retreat our speaker Kripamoya Das shared some wonderful stories and furnished us with brilliant quotes. Already this week I have been making use of his wise words of wisdom for life lessons with clients and friends.

Maybe the moment of crisis belongs to somebody else and it comes at a time to prompt us and remember what our long term objectives are and how we will stop putting them off and start to follow our dream.

Today I am working on an advice article for students writing their personal statement. I will be making ultimate use of quotes from another great man; Mahatma Gandhi :

Action speaks the priority: ‘If the goal in our life is very important and we are not taking any step to complete or fulfill that goal then we need to reassess our priorities.’


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