The Circle of Success

Hi bloggers and followers, so busy recommending the exciting and interesting publications of other brilliant writers I am guilty of forgetting to mention my own! Classic marketing error!

Do you know the value of communication and utilising business intelligence?Circle_of_success_Final

The Circle of Success’ is a thirty minute easy to read Kindle publication giving practical and positive tips on customer care and engagement with clients. Available from Amazon.

Including: database management, telemarketing, telephone techniques, quality projects, outsourcing and benefits of working together as a team and valuing corporate identity. Includes references to:- PCG the Voice of Freelancing and Website Engagement (ASI Europe-NFP Technology).  Cover visual provided by Paul Manning Graphic Designer.
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‘The Circle of Success’ Kindle by Annie Manning is an ideal book for anyone who wants to increase their business potential. Whether you are a first-timer or someone who has been in business for a long time, there is something for everyone in this book and all drawn from the author’s own experience of what works and most importantly what doesn’t.’ Deborah Durbin Author and Journalist.


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