Anniversaries are a mixed blessing they can be a good reason to celebrate or a time for reflection. Today is the 50th anniversary since my father died suddenly, I was seven.

Speaking this morning with my brother  we both agreed it is a shame we didn’t have the opportunity to do and share things in our lives with him. He was 17 when dad died and revealed how he would liked to have had a beer with dad.

My own book on bereavement ‘Dancing in my Dreams’ (which I hope will get published this year) was called so having had a dream I was ballroom dancing with him…which alas I never did.

I remember my Mother saying how she had regretted that us children never knew Eric the man, just dad the provider.

So if you are reading this and have a dad make a point of telling him how much you care and consider yourself extremely lucky.

P.S. Dad…thanks for the white feather which arrived this morning!


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